Top 5 Laptops in India under Rs. 25000

There are so many choices in the market when you go to buy a laptop. You can short this list by comparing laptops to your budget and the hardware features you want in it. In this post we are going to list top 5 laptops in Indian market under Rs. 25000. We are sure that laptop buyers with low budget will find it very helpful. We have sorted out 5 of the best laptops available in the market under Rs. 25000 with good performance and features. Check the full list and features below. Best Laptops under 25K 1. Dell Inspiron 15R : Rs. 24,999 Dell Inspiron 15R Dell Inspiron 15R is a good laptop pricing around 24.5K to 25K. It is a well designed laptop with cool features for business and entertainment needs. You can also change the colour panels on the back cover of this laptop. It is a DOS machine that comes with 2nd generation core-i3 processor from Intel. Its key features are –

  • 15.6 inch HD LED backlit display screen
  • Intel Core i3 processor with 2.1GHz CPU Speed and 3GB RAM
  • 500 GB, 5400 RPM SATA hard drive
  • DOS operating system
  • 1.3MP webcam and microphone
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/h, Ethernet LAN, Bluetooth and 3 USB ports
  • 6 cell battery with 4 hours backup
2. Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 : Rs. 24,950 Fujitsu Lifebook Fujitsu Lifebook model AH532 is a well designed laptop with decent looks. It is in the 25k budget range with Core i3 processing power. It is also having 64 bit operating system capability to install the best version of Windows or Linux on the device. It is a good laptop for professionals and students. Its key features are –
  • 15.6 inch HD LED backlit display
  • Intel Core i3 2nd Gen processor with 2.2GHz clock speed and 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • 5400 RPM, 500GB SATA hard drive
  • DOS operating system
  • Built in webcam and microphone
  • 1000 MBits/s LAN, WiFi and Bluetooth with USB ports
  • 6 cell battery with 5 hour backup
3. Asus X54C-SX454D : Rs. 24,899 Asus X54C-SX454D In the range of 25K laptops, Asus X54C-SX454D stands well because of its hardware configuration with good performance. It is powered with Intel Core i3 second gen processor with 2.3Ghz of clock speed. So, if you are looking for a budget laptop with high performance then go for Asus X54C-SX454D laptop. Its key features are –
  • 15.6 inch LCD screen with resolution of 1366*768 pixels
  • Powered with Intel Core i3 processor with 2.3GHz clock speed and 2GB RAM
  • 500GB storage memory
  • Disk operating system ( no charge on OS )
  • 0.3MP normal quality webcam with microphone support
  • USB 3.0 faster port, Ethernet Base T and WiFi
  • 4 cell battery with 3 hours of backup
4. Samsung NP300E5X-A0BIN : Rs. 24,999 Samsung cheap laptop Samsung is also offering a decently designed laptop in the cheap price range. You can enjoy quality games with its 2.2GHz clock speed in the low budget range. Its system memory is quite low with only 2GB support but its expandable upto 8GB. Its key features are –
  • 15.6 inch display
  • Core i3 2nd Gen processor with 2GB RAM
  • 5400RPM based 500GB hard disk
  • Free 64bit DOS
  • Intel HD graphics
  • 1.3MP cam with standard keyboard
  • Gigabit LAN, Bluetooth and WiFi
  • 6hour backup with 6 cell battery
5. Toshiba Satellite C640-I4019 : Rs. 24,999 Toshiba Satellite C649 Toshiba is making computers from a long time now and its pretty famous among laptop users. Toshiba Satellite C640-I4019 is having 1st Gen Core i3 processor it has decent clock speed of 2.53Ghz. It is also having Super Multi DVD drive with dual layer support Its key features are –
  • 14 inch display
  • Disk operating system
  • Core i3 1st gen with 2.53Ghz clock speed
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM, expandable up to 8GB
  • 5400RPM based SATA 500GB Hard drive
  • Ethernet and WiFi connectivity
  • 6 cell battery with 4 hours of backup
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