Top 5 Free Games for iOS in 2012

Hello guys we are here now to discuss about the top 5 free games for iOS devices in 2012 which are free to download and play. In this list of top 5 games we will talk about the top 5 games for iOS devices, their features and we will also include our ratings too. So you can read this post and decide which free iOS game you should totally have on your iOS device or not. As you know free games are always fun to pass our free time when we are in a sub way or something like that. So you should totally check out our list of free games for iOS devices in 2012. Spot 5 : Matching With Friends – Spot 5 on our countdown for best free games for iOS is taken by Matching With Friends. This game is developed by Zynga for multiplayer gaming experience. If you have ever played any … With friend’s type game then you will have slight idea what is this game about. You will find a tile based area in the game to play and you will have to match same colour grids on this area to score. You can play it with your friends and its totally free to use. So it’s a cool multiplayer free game for iOS devices by Zynga.

Matching With Friends

Spot 4 : Frisbee Forever 2 – On our countdown for top 5 free iOS games 4th spot is taken by Frisbee Forever 2. This game is played with the use of iOS device’s Gyroscope. Its graphics are pretty good. It is fun to control a flying Frisbee to score points by using tilt controls. It is better than Frisbee Forever one. There are around 75 different tracks to enjoy this game. There are different hidden levels are also there to enjoy it.

Frisbee Forever 2

Spot 3 : Banzai Blade – It is another cool free game for iOS devices in 2012. It is offering a Ninja character to run around and combat a lot. You will find yourself running on the track to kill different devils coming on the screen by slicing their head. Controls of the game are pretty good. It is free to use but there are in app purchases are also there to get special boost ups. So you should totally try it out.

Banzai Blade

Spot 2 : Zombie HQ – On our 2nd spot Zombie HQ is there with cool action game play. It is another Zombie based game on iTunes Store. This game is simple to play; you will find different hordes of zombies coming to you on each level and you will have to shoot them up. Graphics of this game are pretty good with lots of blood animations and all. Different types of guns are also there in the game to use. So its one of the best free games for iOS with cool action game play.

Zombie HQ

Spot 1 : CSR Racing – The first spot on our free iOS games spot is taken by CSR Racing. This is a cool drag racing game for iOS. Graphics of this game are awesome for retina display devices. Cars used in the game are official cars from Audi, BMW and all. You can also customize your car in the game with cool upgrade features. It is totally free to download and play with in app purchases too. So it is our suggestion for drag racing fans on iOS devices.

CSR Racing

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