Top 5: Enjoy five fantastic Games on Nokia Asha Phones

Nokia, the world’s leading phone maker, has recently introduced some best available games from Electronic Arts (EA) on its new Asha series. The mobile maker giant has marketed the series as smartphones, featuring industry best hardware and and software. The games are made available in the Nokia Asha 311, Asha 305 and Asha 306 mobile phones. nokia-asha-touch-games Asha series has five phones that are the Nokia Asha 308, Asha 309, Asha 305, Asha 311 and the Asha 306. All these five phones sports capacitive touchscreen display, robust hardware and of course a powerful processor. According to reviews, the phones are useful in web browsing, apps as well as for best gaming experiences. In a new development, Nokia offers 40 games of EA without any charges. These are absolutely free. The famed EA Sports presents popular titles, especially tailored to work on Nokia OS. Here are cited top five games that need to be downloaded in 60 days from the time you login and activate the Nokia account on the device. 1. Spore Origins – This evolutionary styled game starts with a small creature and eventually grows by eating other creatures. It’s based on the theory of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. The Spore origins lead the creature (the player) to a primordial world of creatures. It can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi store. 2. FIFA 12 – The largest selling game in UK is now available in Asha set for free! Football fanatics love this game for years and now they can play the game on their phone while broadcasting on the TV is on pause. Well, the only difference between PC and phone is the graphics. FIFA 12 too can be downloaded from Nokia Ovi store. 3. Need For Speed: The Run – Hardly there is any gamer who doesn’t like speed. The race excites everyone and in this new game players have to run against the most dangerous drivers on a notorious streets of San Francisco. Beware of the cops, they are always chasing after cars. Download Need For Speed from Nokia Ovi store. 4. Bejeweled Twist – This is a puzzle game where the player is supposed to match the jewel colors, making points by overcoming obstacles. A good game for a leisure period or waiting for someone. The game is available in four game modes – Classic, Zen, Challenge and Blitz. Visit Nokia Ovi store to download Bejeweled Twist. 5. Worms 2010 – The artillery involve game offers a pleasing graphics. With random blasts, players have to set of worms out of for a war clad in villages. The touchscreen movement and freedom to random blast keeps a player engaged. This game is quite addictive because of its simplicity and underlying humor. Enjoy Worms 2010 by downloading it from Nokia Ovi store. Have played any of these? Do share your experience and views with fellow readers in the below given comment box. Also, do suggest any other favorite games of the EA for Nokia Asha series phones.

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