Top 5 Best Android Launcher Applications in 2012

One of the best things about Android based smart devices is that you can customize them the way you want. If you are having an Android device and you like to customize its appearance and all than this article is just for you. We are going to discuss top 5 best launcher apps for android devices. After reading this article you will be able to decide better which launcher application is best for your Android device. We are going to discuss about these apps a little with our ratings and a download link below each application. Spot 5 : Nova launcher – Well guys the fifth spot on our countdown is taken by Nova launcher for Android devices. This launcher for Android devices is one of the best ways to customize your android device. This launcher is only available for Android 4.0 supporting devices and this can be a little draw back to it. But still its one of the famous launchers out there for Android devices. This launcher for Android supports a dock down feature in the bottom of the screen. So Nova Launcher can be a good choice for ICS 4.0 Android Device users.

Nova Launcher Our Ratings – 3.5/5 [ Not so wide scope] Download Link Spot 4 : TSF Shell 3D – The fourth spot on our top 5 best launcher apps for Android is taken by a 3D based launcher app called TSF Shell 3D. You can turn your android device into a 3D playground using this android launcher app. Interface of this android launcher app is pretty good and that’s the reason this app got on our fourth spot of best launcher apps for android. You can create multiple quick shortcuts for different applications on your device using this launcher app. So if you love 3D game ground then you should totally get this launcher app on your device.

TSF Shell 3D Our Ratings – 4/5 Download Link Spot 3 :  SPB Shell 3D – The third spot on our countdown for best launcher apps for Android is taken by another 3D launcher. This is called SPB Shell 3D and its surely one of the most famous launcher apps out there on Google Play Store. This launcher may look a little similar to TSF launcher but still its offering a cool interface to use on your Android devices. You can organize your apps on the home screen with this Android launcher app. It’s a cool experience to have this 3D launcher app on your android device.

SPB SHell 3D Our Ratings – 4.2/5 Download Link Spot 2 : Regina Launcher 3D – Well guys be sure that we don’t just want to show you 3D launcher apps here but what we can do if a launcher app is pretty good. The 2nd spot on our top 5 launcher app for Android countdown is taken by another 3D launcher application. This is called Regina Launcher 3D and its interface is pretty good with cool features. You can choose many widgets from regina 3D widgets on your home screen. This is surely one of the best launcher apps for Android devices because of its interface and customization options.

Regina Launcher 3D Our Ratings – 4.5/5 Download Link Spot 1 : Go Launcher EX – Well guys the first spot on our countdown is taken by a cool android launcher app. This launcher app for android is called Go Launcher Ex. The interface of this launcher app is really very clean and it looks great on high end devices. This is why its our choice for first spot in our countdown of best launcher apps for android. There are thousands of themes are to choose with this launcher app. There are various widgets to choose from in this Android app with amazing lock options. So you should totally get Go Launcher EX for your Android devices.

Go Launcher Ex Our Ratings – 4.8/5 Download Link Conclusion – Well guys this article was about the top 5 best launcher apps for Android devices. We hope after reading this article you can decide which launcher app will be best for your device. Please do share the article for your other friends with Android devices, so that they can have a better launcher app on their devices.

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