Top 5 Android platform photo apps

Mobile photography is becoming more popular day-by-day. At least it is evident from Nokia’s upcoming PureView handset that is to offer 41 megapixel camera lens, first time in the industry of course. But only photography won’t help you out to have your desired effects on your captured photos. You also need to have some software support to it to edit on the go on your Android mobile or tablet. Keeping this in mind, today we have compiled here top 5 Android platform photo apps. Below are those: Instagram instagram By now all must have come across, or may have heard, Instagram, the most popular photo app on iOS. The same has arrived on Android too. Instagram photo app is a must for your Android devices if you are inclined towards mobile photography. Functioning of the Instagram is simple. You just need to click a pic or select it, and apply the readymade filters to give desired effect to it. You can also share your work with family and friends. —————————————- PureView 808 expected to cost Rs 29,999: Nokia India Store —————————————- Panorama Creator 360 panorama creator 360 Even if you have the most advanced camera, still making a Panoramic photography is a difficult task. With the Panorama Creator 360 app you can capture panoramic shots of complete 360 degrees with your Android device easily. The Panorama Creator 350 app is free and is integrated with social networking service to share your mastered images across Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. More to this, you can also save your work with the help of a SD Card. Camera MX camera mx The Camera MX app offers real-time filters. You can immediately edit captured photos and publish them. The app is equipped with sixteen outstanding filters such as Kaleidoscope, Orton, Negative, Pop Art, Sepia and Lomo. Here too the social media sharing of the mastered photos is just a matter of a click. Photo Editor photo editor The Photo Editor app on your Android mobile or tablet helps you fix your captured images automatically such as contrast and brightness adjustments. You can also add effects to your photo with this Photo Editor app. You can frame the photos, draw on it, resize, rotate as well as crop it. Color adjustment options are simply great on this app. The variety of effects included in it are Polaroid, oil paint, blur, auto tone, sepia, gamma correction, sharpen etc. Saving and sharing your edited photos here too are easy. Picplz picplz With the Picplz Android photo app you can give vintage and retro effects to your captured or library photos. You can turn the photos black and white, and can add effects such as Kaleidoscopic Eyes, Little Plastic Lens and Trip to the Optometrist. Similar to other mentioned apps here, you can also share your worked-upon photos with social network websites and shave those on a SD Card. The above list may not be perfect from your point of view. We would like you to share your own list here, if you want, to let your fellow readers know some apps beyond this top 5 Android platform photos app list.

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