Top 5 Android platform office apps

Explore completely your smartphone. Here is a small tip how to do it. We have compiled below top 5 Android platform office apps that will help you do your task fast and easily beyond your imagination. You can get the apps, either free or paid, from Android Market, which is now renamed as Google Play. Apart from the below mentioned top 5 apps, there are tons of more similar apps that you can explore. So chill. Google Docs (FREE) Google-Docs-Android-App Google Docs app is a must on your Android phone or tablet. It is one of the best office app, and it is free. With Google Docs you can carry your office work anywhere and anytime. Also you can share the office work with anyone across the world. You can view and edit text, PDFs, slideshows and spreadsheets. DropBox (FREE) Dropbox-android-app Gone are the days when you had to carry your important files on USB stick or other form of storage device. With DropBox Android app you can get access to your files from anywhere. DropBox account is free. You can carry your documents, photos, presentations and any other files to any corner of the world with this DropBox Android app. Oh yes, it is free too. Vingo (FREE) Vlingo-Android-App You may have heard about Apple’s Siri software, the personal assistant that made its debut in iPhone 4S. Vingo Android app is similar to Siri. This free app helps you do your task fast and easily such as sending text emial, SMS etc on your voice command. The app also helps you in finding local restaurants, shops and other such establishments. Quickoffice Pro (Oops! every good things are not free on earth) Quickoffice-Pro-Android-App This app is not free but it is one of the best and recommended too. Quickoffice Pro has wide range of features that helps you do your task easily. You can create, edit as well as share Microsoft Office files. It can also load your stored documents on SugarSync, MobileMe, Huddle, Google Docs, DropBox, etc. Sugarsync (FREE) Sugarsync-Android-App Want to take a backup of your important files on Cloud storage? Sugarsync does it for you, and that too absolutely free. You can access all your important files from anywhere and anytime with the help of Sugarsync free Android app. These are top 5 Android platform apps according to our compilation. You can explore more, even better, apps from the Google Play. Do comment below with your own list of top 5 Android apps for office purpose.

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