Top 20 mobile phones in India in September 2014: 91mobiles insights

“Here are the top devices which users searched for in the month of September”

Life is a race. if you don’t run fast… you will be left behind.

The above quote is a slightly tweaked version of a popular dialogue from the Bollywood film 3 Idiots. But it stands totally valid in the context of the Indian smartphone industry as well. Each month, if not each week, the definition of the most popular smartphone changes for consumers and hence handset makers also try to adapt fast to the evolving needs of customers in order to stand out.

That’s why we try to find the most searched devices by visitors on to find macroscopic trends as to where the market is heading. So, what did the previous month of September held in store? Let’s find out.

The top 5

The Apple iPhone 6 is out and look at the grand entry it has made into our top 20 list. Sitting right at the top, it’s evident that consumers were eagerly waiting for the Cupertino giant’s new offering (or offerings, since the iPhone 6 is accompanied by its bigger sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus). There are many twists in the other four positions as well. But more important than that is the fact that three out of these four places are taken up by the Apple of the East. While the Redmi 1s (review | FAQs) jumped seven places to reach second seating, the upcoming Mi 4 (review | FAQs) dropped one position to sit at the third place. The discontinued Mi 3 (review | cheatsheet) is at the fifth spot this time. Another fresh face amongst the top five is the Samsung’s Note phablet, now in its fourth generation.

The complete list

Not just the top five smartphones, but the overall list has also seen reversal of fortunes for many devices as they slipped in their popularity, with others gaining on their behalf. Take a gander at the top 20 smartphones in the month of September. Alongside the device name, we’ve also mentioned its change in ranking compared to the month of August, its price bracket and month of launch. In case the mobile hasn’t been introduced in the Indian market yet, then both its price range and month of launch is written on the basis of rumours and pricing in other countries.

Top 20 mobile phones in India in September 2014

Hits and misses

Now that we’ve seen the entire list, let’s shed more light on the newcomers and the devices that were shown the exit door in the month of September. One thing worth highlighting is that all these devices were revealed in the previous month, yet they managed to start on a great note and hit the popularity charts.

New entrants

Apple iPhone 6 2

Apple iPhone 6: 1st position

Well, we aren’t surprised even a bit with the name of the Apple’s latest offering at the very top since consumers were already excited about it, even before its official unveil as evident from the number of rumours floating on the web. As highlighted in our comparison between the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 5s, the new iPhone 6 duo turn over a new leaf for the Cupertino giant with a larger displays, faster processors, thinner designs and better cameras, among others.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 4th position

The Chaebol can be credited for single-handedly creating the new category of phablets with its popular Note series. Now in its fourth generation, the Note 4 was introduced at IFA early last month. As per us, the new smartphone marks a revolutionary leap from its predecessor considering its higher-density QHD resolution, sturdy and stylish metallic frame and more.


The new Moto G: 10th position

Motorola hit the homerun with its debut offering in India, the Moto G and now the smartphone maker is out with its successor. Badged as the Moto G 2nd-gen, the new handset offers a larger display, a better camera and support for memory expansion, at a lower asking price than its predecessor. As stated in our review, the new Moto G comes across as a worthy and reliable choice in the budget segment, even though it faces tough competition from the likes of ASUS and Xiaomi.


Microsoft Lumia 730: 12th position

The rising popularity of selfies can be noted from the fact that recently, an American sitcom has appeared with the same name. With the Lumia 730, the Microsoft-owned Nokia is hopping on the same trend thanks to a 5-megapixel sensor with ultra-wide angle at the front. As per our first impressions, the device isn’t bad in other specs either, and flaunts a 4.7-inch HD display and is equipped with a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor mated with a gigabyte of RAM.

The exits

  • Nokia Lumia  630
  • Apple iPhone 5s
  • Sony Xperia C
  • Lava Iris X1

Trend analysis

The market has become a level-playing field for the tier-1 brands as well as the new ones

As highlighted many times before, gone are the days when the market was under the influence of just a few brands. Now, even three-month old brands like ASUS and Xiaomi are sharing the same space as the numero uno manufacturer. Consumers are now preferring the value-for-money aspect of the device first, and then go for a brand name. This can be reflected by taking a look at the number of brands in our top 20 list.

No of devices by brands in the top 20 list in September 2014

Go big or go home

Finally after holding itself back for many years, Apple has finally succumbed to the ‘bigger is better’ trend with both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. It was the need of the hour as well, as users are able to do more from their smartphones than any other electronic gadget, that too when they’re on the move. Out of the top 20 devices, there are as many as 13 devices with display sizes between 4.5- and 5-inches. The phone-tablet hybrid category also includes five devices in the list which have displays of more than 5-inches. Just two devices fall in the below 4.5-inch screen size category.

No of devices by different screen sizes in the top 20 list in September 2014

As always, the affordable segment between Rs 5,000 and 15,000 has lapped up the majority of the places amongst the top 20 list with 14 devices. Both the mid-range segments between Rs 15,000 and 25,000 as well as the super-premium category of Rs 35,000 and above are trailing behind with three devices each. It seems that the affordable price bracket has not only become the most voluminous segment, but the one that sees the most action as well.

What you think about the state of smartphone market in India today? Let us know in the comments below.

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