Top 20 mobile phones in India in April 2014: 91mobiles insights

“Here are the top devices which users searched for in the month of April”

The field is set – the players are on the starting line and it’s the race to the finish. No we aren’t talking about a track race, but the competitive world of smartphones in India. The first quarter of this year witnessed the launch and unveiling of top-tier smartphones along with devices covering the entry-level and mid-range segments. This time, we’re seeing that customers have started making their bets for their next purchase, perhaps that’s why there isn’t much change in the list of top 20 mobile phones this month compared to the month of April.

The top devices comprise the most-searched smartphones on the 91mobiles website by more than 6 million users. However, these searches only indicate purchase intent and not the actual sales.

The Top 5

As highlighted earlier, there weren’t any major changes this month. This fact can be clearly seen from the top three mobile phones, which remain the same as the previous month’s rankings. Even the fourth and fifth spots are held by devices which just got a bump in their rankings.

The complete list

Enough teasing about the top devices – here are all the smartphones in the top 20 list. Mentioned alongside the handset names are their rankings in the month of March, operating system, price bands and launch months. Since a few of these are yet to reach Indian shores, their price range and launch months are indicative only, based on news and rumours.

Top 20 mobile phones in India in April 2014

Hits and misses

There aren’t many new additions in the list in the month of April, but let’s take a look at the few that came in:

K-Touch A11: 8th position

If you think only big brands can make their name in the crowded smartphone market of India, then this device will change your perception. Thanks to its ads on TV during the ongoing IPL, the K-touch A11 caught the fancy of viewers with its budget price and good features.

K-Touch A11  Sony Xperia M

Sony Xperia M: 12th position

Even though it was knocked out of top 20 devices, Sony’s budget smartphone is still going strong even almost a year of its launch. The phone features basic specs, but the fact that it comes with Japanese giant’s OmniBalance design and features like NFC, makes it a decent buy.

Gionee M2: 13th position

Smartphones have conquered all frontiers but one – battery life. Thankfully, manufacturers are coming up with solutions to overcome this shortcoming. The Gionee M2 claims marathon battery life with the help of a generous 4,200mAh battery at an economical price.

Gionee M2 Moto G

Moto G (16GB): 18th position

Giving company to the 8GB variant, the 16GB version of highly-popular Moto G has also made its debut in the top 20 list. Since the device has a fixed non-expandable memory, consumers are opting for higher storage.

The Exits

These four smartphone lost their positions to the aforesaid devices:

  • Nokia Lumia 525
  • Sony Xperia M2
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Duos
  • Moto X

Trend analysis

Fragmented market for brands, but Samsung still holds the majority

Unlike the previous months when we saw that the top 20 list comprised of six to seven brands, this time we have nine different brands. Most brands are continuing with the trend started in the past few months considering that Samsung, Nokia and Sony are the top ones, but there are a few surprises as well. Gionee, a Chinese brand which is making waves in the Indian market with its cutting-edge devices at enticing prices, has made its debut amongst the top devices. Little-known Indian manufacturer K-touch has also entered the list with its A11 smartphone on the back of TV ads.

No of devices by brands in the top 20 list in April 2014

Flagships have started to stir the market, however the affordable segment gets the most attention

Based on the price segmentation of the top 20 smartphones, we can see that there’s not much change from the trends showcased in the previous months. The market of high-end mobiles above Rs 35,000 is captured by the obvious names – the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3, Apple iPhone 5s, HTC One (M8) and Sony Xperia Z2. Even the ever-popular value for money segment between Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 is filled with notable smartphones from brands like Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and Sony.

No of devices in different price bands in the top 20 list in April 2014


Brand awareness is a function of using the right channels for promoting products

Even if you’re a nobody, consumers can know about your brand if you’re using the right channel at the right time for promoting your products. K-Touch seems to have timed its TV ads well by choosing to show them during IPL, which attracts a lot of eyeballs and the results are for everyone to see.

Another example of using the right medium is that of Motorola, which has made a brilliant comeback in the Indian market with the Moto G and Moto X, even though they’re selling exclusively on Flipkart.

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