Top 10 must-have Android apps

This is the era of apps. This is the era of utility apps. This is the era of Android apps. With apps on your mobile phones you can make your life easy and smooth. No more forgetting, no more doing complicated calculations and no more of paying for services to telecom companies when you get the same through an app. Here, in this article we will discuss about top 10 must-have Android apps that may help you in changing your lifestyle. Just have a look. Any.Do (Free) android app - anydo You may find many task managers or the to-do lists in the Android market, but this one stands out in the crowd. Any.Do Android app features easy adding anything to it that strikes your mind. You can also drag and drop the task into different folders or even into different calendar days. More to this, the Any.Do Android app is absolutely free. Dolphin Browser HD (Free) android app - dolphin browser A lot of Android fans says Dolphin Browser HD is better than the native Web browser of the Android OS. Yes, the custom gestures in it is one notable feature along with the Google bookmarks syncs. More to this, the Dolphin Browser HD also supports several plug-ins. This is also free. EverPaper (Free) android app - everpaper Again one more must have Android apps and that too for free. EverPaper is an awesome app with the help of which you can scrape Web pages and download those to read it later. It is an app from the house of Instapaper. DoubleTwist (Free) android app - doubletwist If you are a tech guy who wanted to sync your phone with iTunes then this app is what you are exactly looking for. You can move the playlist and music files of your phone to the iTunes and get the access there in minutes. This app is in fact an iPod killer and it is free too. Slacker (Free) android app - slacker The premium account is paid but streaming with few annoying ads is absolutely free for Slakcer. At least I listen to the free version of Slacker every day on my Android phone. It is a Internet radio to listen on the go and highly recommended of course for your Android device. Mint (Free) android app - mint Do you find difficulty in keeping a check on yourself how much you spend from your saved money? Mint free app for Android will do all the checking for you. It will keep you within your monthly budget. With Mint Android app you can have all your banking information in your pocket. It is also password protected app. One thing to make it clear here that the app don’t move money, but only shows how much you have spent. Kindle for Android 2.0 (Free) android app - kindle for android Though we know Amazon has sold lot of Kindles in the open market but the main purpose of it is to make Kindle books available on every devices such as Apple’s iphone, ipad and Android devices. The Kindle for Android app helps with showing you the color covers of the books and also remembers for you the location of it across devices. It has also been updated for supporting magazines and newspapers. NewsRob (Free) android app - newsrob NewsRob Android app is similar to Google Reader but for quick scanning of RSS feeds it is better. The app is free and has got cleaner interface. In just few clicks stories can be sent to e-mail, Twitter, EverNote and Instapaper. In just 20-minute it can scan 150 to 175 headlines. Dropbox (Free) android app - dropbox Yes, this app is really a must have Android app for people like me who wants to store huge files while leaving office and need to have those reaching home. E-mailing huge files to myself is not the perfect answer to my requirement, but Dropbox can do so. I upload files to it and then access those directly from my phone later. The app is free and it explains the pure meaning of “The Cloud”. Google Voice (Free) android app - google voice Last but not the least, Google Voice is also a must have Android app. You don’t need to pay for your unanswered calls with Google Voice. Just open a Google Voice account and enjoy transcripting of your voice mail messages. This too is free. So, enjoy.

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