Top 10 Gadgets and apps of year 2011 – Compilation by Time

Time Magazine publishes every year a list of top 10 on multiple categories for that particular year. The list for 2011 is out. We had a look at multiple categories and two categories in particular will be of interest to the audience here.


Top 10 Gadgets of year 2011 contains 5 devices that are either smartphone or a tablet. Goes to show the impact of mobile computing devices in our life!

1Apple iPad 2Apple’s second generation iPad is thinner, lighter and faster. The iPad 2 leads the market chart by miles! iPad 2 gives not just a great hardware, but a wholesome experience. Give any kid an iPad 2, and just watch how quickly they start using the gadget without any handholding!
2Samsung Galaxy NexusThe latest handset to be officially launched by Google comes with the latest android operating system called Icecream sandwich. Also, Galaxy Nexus comes with a brilliant 4.65 inch high definition touchscreen display with an amazing resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels! The handset is supposed to be launched towards the end of 2011. But it’s getting delayed..
3Amazon Kindle FireCommon man’s tablet. Amazon took head-on against Apple in the tablet war in a very unconventional approach. The kindle fire is a dull-looking, 7 inch touchscreen tablet. The device has two important assets. A 199$ pricepoint and an unbelievable array of content in the form of books, music, movies, apps, games. No other tablet manufacturer can match the content ecosystem of Apple. Amazon gives a good competition!
4Apple iPhone 4SApple’s latest smartphone. It was widely expected that Apple would be launching a brand new iPhone generation called iPhone 5. But, Apple launched iPhone 4S – an evolution of the previous version iPhone 4 in terms of hardware and software. The iPhone 4S comes with professional grade camera optics and capabilities. The single most talking point about iPhone 4S is SIRI – The artificial voice-based answering engine. Ask/Command it to do anything in the phone and it will do it for you!
5Nintendo 3DS 
6Sony S Series 13 inch Laptop 
7Roku LT/Roku 2Second-generation Roku Video Streaming boxes. Streams content from Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, HBO, Amazon!
8Apple 13 in Macbook Air 
9Sony Playstation 3D Display 
10Motorola Atrix 4G with Web dock 


Top 10 Smartphone Apps of the year 2011

1IntoNowThe smartphone app released by Yahoo uses handsets microphone to detect the Television show that you are watching. In real-time it will also identify which of your friends have watched this or friends who are currently watching this! Available for both iPhone and Android smartphones
2FeedlyFeedly is a ‘smart’ smartphone app that pulls and aggregates news from your Google reader, tumblr, twitter, facebook accounts. Once aggregated the smartphone app presents the news in an easy-to-consume fashion. Available for both Android and iPhone
3HBO GoAndroid | iPhone
4Facebook MessengerAndroid | iPhone
5Watch ESPNAndroid | iPhone
6Google+Android | iPhone
7Hipmunk Flight SearchAndroid | iPhone
8SpotifyAndroid | iPhone
9Fast CustomerAndroid | iPhone [Very interesting application indeed: The app gives you one-click access to direct support lines of more than 2000 companies in US. Not just that, the app also waits till the call is on hold. Once the app detects that there is a representative online, it will call you back! Wow!
10PaperPortAndroid | iPhone [Allows you to store important documents on cloud. The app uses the core camera capabilities of the camera to snap the document and edit it]
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