Top 10 facts about iPhone we don’t know

Less than a half day left for the unveiling of iPhone 5 by Apple. We are keeping an eye on the event to bring live coverage. Be here at around 10.30 p.m. (India time) to be one of the first ones to know what Apple will be unveiling, will it call the next iPhone as iPhone 5 or New iPhone, will the iPhone have taller screen and many things more. Till then let us have a look on top 10 facts about iPhone that we don’t know. iPhone-5Jesus Phone The first iPhone was called as ‘Jesus phone’ by many in the media as the device got passionate reaction by Apple fans. It seemed then something revolutionary by many. —————————– September 12, 2012 Apple Event Update: Thank God It’s iPhone 5. Apple unveiled iPods too —————————– Project Purple Apple gathered 1000 employees in 2004 to work on a secret and highly confidential project called “Project Purple”. The work of 1000 employees was to develop Apple’s first-generation iPhone. Antennagate After the launching of iPhone 4 the iDevice giant ran into big trouble. Users reported calls disconnection when the iPhone was hold in certain way. The term Antennagate then originated for such problem. Advertising In United States alone Apple had spent $647 million for the advertising of iPhone between 2007 and 2011. Revolutionary Mobile Late Steve Jobs, the then CEO of Apple, introduced iPhone device as a combination of widespread iPod with touch controls, breakthrough Internet communicator and of course a revolutionary mobile phone. Invention of the Year In 2007 the iPhone was crowned as Invention of the Year by Time magazine. Motorola At first Jobs wanted to work with Motorola for the manufacturing of iPhone. iPhone Keyboard iPhone keyboard includes twenty-one languages. iPhone Development Cost The iDevice giant had spent $150 million for developing the first iPhone prototype. iPhone Name Trademark Fight The name iPhone is learned to have been first patented by Cisco. Apple then had a great trademark fight with the tech company. ———————— Top 5 things to expect in iPhone 5 today ———————— There may be many more such hidden facts about today’s most popular smartphone iPhone. Do share few in the below comment section. Also, put your views down what you are expecting today in the iPhone 5.

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