Tomb Raider Game with an interesting story line

Tomb Raider has a luring appeal from the external images. This game appears to have a fantasy background of a women walking through mysterious forest areas which is an extremely interesting concept to dwell into a new world of adventure and magic. Tomb Raider Game Most people who are not into gaming are of the opinion that Tomb Raider is not centred on Lara Croft’s popular assets. The video gaming industry has gathered huge profits since the release of the first Tomb Raider. The story revolves around Croft who ventures on a journey to locate the lost city of Yamatai in the unsafe waters of the Dragon’s Triangle situated off the coast of Japan. The poop then hits the ceiling and gets shipwrecked on the island of Yamatai which is dominated with dangerous savages and the leftovers of an ancient army who is preserving the island’s secrets and preventing anyone from leaving the majestic area. The remaining chunk of the game is emphasised on Lara’s urge to find ways to escape the island. When Lara finds sources to get away from the island she gets beaten, bruised and hurt on many occasions. The theme here is to sport the history of a rich upper class kid, who is protected from the overly adverse characteristics of humanity, who transforms into a survivor and cold-blooded killer to fight the enemies. The narration of the story focuses on the spirit of Tomb Raider by centring the plot on real-world rhythm of Sun Queen Himiko and her array of supernatural army of shotgun warriors. This is strengthened by formulating a parallel theme which involves generations of shipwrecked survivors which spices up years of history from Japanese feudal era and the footprints of Japanese and American struggle during World War II to the inhabiting of Russian scavengers who were into human sacrifice. This theme manages to highlight the significance of Japanese history and the involvement with Japan with U.S and Russia during World War II. The Tomb Raider Game is an excellent medium for users to understand the importance of survival and imbibe the history of Japan and its relations with U.S and Russia. The other interesting point about this game is imbibing the evolution of cultures from ancient history to present day scenario.

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