Tizen SDK 2.0 by Samsung a Bug Fixer and App Designer

The Tizen SDK 2.0 is an app by Samsung, designed with 2.0 Magnolia SDK to invite developers and adopters to attempt the OS in order to report bugs and build apps. Tizen was first introduced as Meego and was designed in Nokia N9, and was later taken over by Samsung where the functioning of the OS was overseen by Linux Foundation. Tizen is known to be an extremely effective developer, launched at the right era where more apps are created to flow with the current fast paced life. Tizen SDK 2.0 This app can be downloaded from the SDK and source code of Tizen 2.0 Magnolia. The new version is decked with new features that elevate the quality of the OS, Tizen 1.0 Larkspur and Alpha build of Magnolia. For those interested in the Tizen 2.0, the OS has reference applications for Calendar, Contacts, Gallery, Phone, Settings and Video Player. There is an enhanced web Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with What You see Is What You Get design environment, Chrome-based JavaScript inspector and JavaScript log viewer along with other stunning features of native IDE, WYSIWYG design environment, unit test tool and dynamic analyser. The Tizen app is designed based on Samsung Galaxy S3 with many screenshots of Tizen OS which displays Meego-like icon and polished UI. The colour display appears bright and icons stand out in crisp white background with many apps. The screen has a powerful resolution that matches the quality of Android, iOS and Meego. Samsung will introduce the first Tizen phones by the end of 2013, the initial app will be introduced in Japanese carrier NTT-DoCoMo. The other devices that will feature this app is UK’s Vodafone and France Telecom. The Tizen 2.0 Magnolia is designed with new configuration features for gathering information on required features and privileges and to provide information on run time environment for NPRunime plugins. This application has features such as background applications, IP Push and TTS (Text-To-Speech).

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