Time Shift Camera Blackberry 10

Missing capturing an epic moment has been the story of our lives. This happens when the camera takes time to get started, or lack of quick lock focus subject or simply slow reaction on our part. What happens when you miss the moment and want to recapture it? Sometimes, just before you take the shot, an otherwise cooperative subject accidentally blinks, the wind throws about your hair in your face, or someone darts in between making you lose the moment. BlackBerry-10-Time-Shift-Camera-5 What if pets and children are the subjects, and getting them to maintain their animated pose in case of the former, or a memorable moment in case of the latter is impossible since they are easily distractable. This makes you have to delete, and retake the shot over and over till you get it right. It is for this very reason that the burst mode was created. But even under this mode, it is possible to miss the desired shot. Some cameras have a Best Shot feature which takes care of the frames which are not focused well or where there is red eye, or where the subject blinks. However when capturing outdoor moments or a scene at a party there’s always the chance that one person or the other does something that the Best Shot mode wants to eliminate. So Blackberry has come up with the  Time Shift camera feature for its BlackBerry 10 helps to overcome these problems. Supposing you take a series of successive shots using the burst mode. It could happen that in one picture a subject has its eyes closed, everything else perfect and the next picture is out of focus, and so on. Supposing the subject with eyes closed in the first picture has his/her eyes open in another picture, and in that picture every other subject is perfectly poised in the shot what would you do? How wonderful would it be to carry over the camera ready face, and replace it with the one where the eyes are closed through a Photoshopping mechanism and saving the happy result as the final picture?  Aha, we just explained Time Shift to you. To enjoy the benefits of Time Shift, youy have to turn this mode by activating it through the icon located at the top right corner of the camera app. Now what this mode does is it detects the faces in the frame and once the shutter is released it captures multiple frames in a burst. This only requires you to simply have a steady pair of hands throughout the burst, if you want best results. Now, the playback mode likes you select facing by tapping them. Next, a time scale pops up around the selected face and now you can scroll down to find the face you think is best from the burst.  You can do this for every face that is detected in the frame! Lastly, once you’ve chosen your favorite face, the changes are incorporated and saved as a new picture. There will be no unevenness or noticeable errors and the result is as natural as ever. BlackBerry has teamed with Scalado to bring in this incredible Time Shift feature into BB 10’s camera app. This Time Shift Feature will be loved by camera obbsessors. Its like having the best Photoshop feature ever! Also, it can work in the reverse, by adding a funny face accidentally made by your subject in one frame to an otherwise perfect picture to have a hilarious outcome!

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