Thumb sized backup battery launched by Just Mobile

just-mobile-portable-charger Just Mobile being the pioneer company in manufacturing backup batteries has added a new product in its family. Just Mobile has launched a new and innovative thumb sized battery – Just Mobile Gum. Its compact, stylish design along with very small size makes it the best backup battery option for your Smartphone and USB devices. With the dimension of 2.9 X 1.36 X 0.9 inches, Just Mobile Gum can be easily carted in pocket. This pocket sized, aluminum clad devices comes with a powerful battery cell of maximum capacity 2200 mAh which is more than enough to recharge the completely empty Apple battery. Just Mobile Gum comes with 30 pin charging cable for iPhone and iPod and micro USB cable through which you can charge other devices. It also features 3 micro LED capacity indicators which notifies you about the remaining power. You can recharge Gum from the computer using the micro USB cable. It comes in a deluxe carry case which eases the portability issue. Just Mobile claim it to be the miniature life saver for your Smartphones. Let’s see how true it proves to be. Just Mobile has launched three variants of Gum at present. It is available in red, silver and black model. Just Mobile Gum can be bought at a basic price of $49.95 in the US, 49.95€ in Europe, £39.95 in the UK. Just Mobile is also providing shipping of this latest device to India. You can learn more about it from the official website.
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