Three Android Apps that will definitely help you

Here are some cool and popular apps from Android, which will up the utility quotient of your phone. These apps have been made all free for download and are evidence of the greatness of Android. They are simple, yet they will surprise you with their usefulness. Also, you may have missed checking these out while focusing on the more popular apps. best_android_apps_headerMissed Message Alerts Missed Message Alerts is an app that bails you out at a time when your attention is fixed on something, while your phone buzzes from calls or messages. Sometimes, you forget that you’re expecting an important call or text when your consumed with your work, or taking care of the baby or stirring up a dish. Voicemail is a good option provided your box isn’t too full! Missed Message Alerts works on a constant reminder basis where you can customize how you wish you set your alerts. You could choose the vibrate option or the light option; the first will make your phone vibrate constantly till you check your message, or missed call, the other works on similar lines except continously flashes till you attend to it. You can further customize these alerts by setting up an interval to interject these alerts. GooGooLee Checkout GooGooLee Checkout is an app that’s high on usefulness and keeping it simple. Sometime the word simple seems so good after you run through complex and tiresome apps. This app let’s you check  incoming and outgoing orders from Google Checkout. You can trace your transactions on the go, like a tracker. So you’re always sure of what goes in and comes out. DroidAnalytics DroidAnalytics is an app which allows you to freely check and review  your Google Analytics at any time. You can set this app up to view bounce rates and page views. Ideal huh?  This intermediary helps you check your web traffic and take care of business in terms of increasing your sites popularity.

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