Thousand words: how to categorise your apps into folders on Windows Phone 8

“As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Join us, as we try and present a story using just a picture (or two)…”

We’ve always criticised Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform for its inability to let you categorise your apps into folders, and now with an easy-to-use app, Nokia has addressed that issue in a single shot. Here’s how to go about this… What you’ll need:
  • A Nokia Lumia smartphone running Windows Phone 8, of course
  • The App Folder app, available for the unarguable cost of free
App-Folder1 The app is extremely simple to use, and once you have it installed, all you need to do is launch it, add a new folder by tapping the ‘+’ sign at the bottom, name your new folder and then select the apps you want included. Each folder you create can be pinned as a tile to the Start Screen, allowing you quick access to your favourite apps with just a tap. This is highly useful especially if you have tons of tiles on the Start Screen and would like a better way to organise things. App-Folder2  
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