Thinksound ms01 eco-friendly earphone review

Thinksound is a Hampshire-based company that has been around in the headphone market for some time. The company had managed to grab some attention when it came up with a line of headphones with an eco-friendly feature. thinksound-ms01-headphones-650x432-c While being green is a great feature in itself, the primary quality of any electronic product remains in its capability to perform. As Thinksound has an audio background, it is expected that the company would come up with some good sounding headsets. The Thinksound ms01 earphone is one such eco-friendly product that claims to produce studio-quality sound. Does the product really keep up to its promise? Let us find out. Design and features The most striking feature of the Thinksound ms01 earphone is its usage of the sustainable wood in its housing. The usage of wood in place of metal has its environmental benefits and the maker points out that the wood housings also provide for a natural and warm sound. The wood housing of the earphone is accented by a gunmetal-colored metallic section that holds the earphones’ 8mm drivers. The earphone has a PVC-free cable is with a 3.5mm plug. Moreover, in order to keep with the eco-friendly notion Thinksound will provide a 15 percent discount coupon for a Thinksound purchase if you submit a set of earphones for recycling. Audio performance The Thinksound ms01 earphone has a very warm and pleasant bass response. It does not provide any unnatural sound effect and keeps true to the original recording, thus, keeping its promise to deliver studio quality sound. It has very good midrange response and an overall bright and open sound quality. The earphone to tend to go a little overboard with the treble handling, but it provides a very pleasant and true to recording music that is really appreciable. Conclusion The Thinksound ms01, apart from being eco-friendly also proves to be extremely capable of providing great music to your ears.

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