ThinkFree Office Mobile App Review

In the present tech-savvy world smartphones and tablets have become a part of urban life. Most modern people just can’t imagine a day without their favorite gadget in their hands taking care of most of basic things of their personal as well as professional lives. Be it calling, chatting, emailing or raising the social quotient with the power of social media, as smart gadget does it all, provided it is braced with all the required apps. thinkfree_office_mobile02_061647372435_640x360 For these crucial requirements of your smartphone or tablet, there are innumerable numbers of productivity, utility as well as gaming apps obtainable at app stores. When it comes to productivity, the Office suites for mobile are very handy, enabling you to handle all your editing and presentation needs. One such app is the ThinkOffice that is obtainable on the leading mobile platforms, like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. It is good to mention that while it is the best available Office suite but is certainly the cheapest Microsoft Office-based suite, which also delivers a good performance. This mobile office suite is available in two versions, namely a Lite version, which can be upgraded for a payment to its pro version for their tablet or smartphone. Let us take a look at the ThinkFree Mobile for Android devices. User Interface and design The ThinkFree Mobile has a quite straightforward user interface. The display features a lighter shade of brown in the background with options like Docs, Recently visited docs, Print and Online while the ThinkFree Office Mobile version that is specially created for smartphones will directly show you options to access Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, which are labeled as Write, Calc and Show, along with a PDF viewer. The User Interface should not be a problem to handle, as you can easily locate files, while navigating across the files from Write to Calc is also very easy. It is integrated with a File manager that allows a smooth search for local docs. Performance and features The ThinkOffice’s pro version will allow you to view, create and edit documents while travelling. It is efficient enough to handle your daily work with all text editing needs. It also frequently shows copy, cut, paste, delete and more such functions next to a selected text or object for ease of use. The Calc or Spreadsheets also support multiple formatting options like setting borders, background colours, merging, etc. This app lets you to create a new presentation with just a tap using the several layout designs available. The PDF ability allows you to view file, find text and even move to a particular page with ‘Go To’ option, while you can’t edit the file from pdf. It also has great collaborative abilities, which allows real time sharing with co-workers. Conclusion The ThinkOffice app is very economical as compared against the other office suit apps. While it is not loaded with high-end features it does take care of your daily editing, formatting and presentation requirements nicely, while also letting you work with images. The ThinkOffice app has a really good collaborative feature, which further makes it a better choice with lesser bucks.

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