ThinkFree Office Mobile App for Smarter Business Solutions

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the tech industry to an enormous level that it has bridged the gap between personnel and professional lives due to the continuous productivity, utility and gaming apps. Mobile phones have improved since its inception to the workings of computers with create, view, edit and collate Word documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations. One of the important and beneficial apps is ThinkOffice which is offered on mobile platforms of Apple iOS and Google’s Android. Moreover this is the most reasonable Microsoft Office-based app available on stores that delivers decent performance. This ThinkOffice app is rolled out with Lite version also termed the ThinkFree Office Mobile Viewer that can be upgraded to the pro version on tablets or smartphones. ThinkFree Office Mobile App The design of the ThinkFree Mobile is simple with a lighter brown shade in the background, the app is designed with options such as Docs. Recently visited docs, Print (ThinkFree Mobile Pro displays Template instead of option) and Online. The ThinkFree Office Mobile version directly displays options to access Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations referred to as Write, Calc and Show with PDF viewer. The UI is extremely neat and is pretty easy to use. With the UI you can sort out files and import them from local drive and online through the ThinkFree online service or Google docs. When you browse through files from Write to Calc the process is pretty simple. The system is designed with File manager which eases the searching and preserving of files. with the printing option, the operation of this app is extremely flexible but this app can only be employed in ThinkFree Print Mobile app. With the pro version the user can access view, create and edit documents easily. Though the app is not designed with formatting features, it is extremely efficient for day-to-day work. The apps allow the user to bold, underline and even modify the font of the text. The app frequently displays copy, cut, paste, delete and many more functions next to a selected text or object and the user can also insert tables, shapes, and images. The app on the whole has a flexible and organises structure for smarter business solutions. The app functions on doc and docx, with respect to Calc or Spreadsheets, the pro version supports multiple formatting options such as setting borders, background colours, resetting cells, sorting, merging and inserting images.

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