The Yamaha Pro 400 headphones – An amalgamation of trend and performance

Yamaha has brought us with their experience in music and electronics by introducing a hi-fi headset. Yamaha has introduced with three new models namely the Pro 300, Pro 400, and Pro 500. Let’s take a look into the Pro 400 with price tag of around $300. Yamaha Pro 400 headphoneDesign and features The Yamaha Pro 400 shows off a very bold design with a glossy plastic exterior, which is flashy as well as classy. On the exterior casing of the small over-ear earpieces, the circular Yamaha symbol is stamped in flashy silver. The interior of the Pro 400’s earpieces have a layer of soft leather padding on the headset’s 50mm drivers. The inside of the wide headband is coated with a thick, rubberized foam pad in charcoal grey. The Pro 400 come equipped with two flat, tangle-free cables along with L-shaped jacks. The extra cable contains a three-button iOS mic, which is both crisply designed and practical like the headset itself. Fit and comfort The Yamaha Pro 400’s sports a smooth and continuous radius, which is attractive but not as much functional. Although the ear cups feature very soft padding, and are large enough to fit well over the ears, a lack of flexibility in positioning made it rather uncomfortable. Audio performance The Yamaha Pro 400 can be safely termed as truly pro when it comes to music. It delivers a very consistent sound with all sorts of music. Its performance is highlighted by the incredible detail and massively expansive stereo field. The headphones can egross the listener in a different world of sound. The music travels from left to right, as well as front to back, which creates an exquisite listening experience that can really engage the listener. There is a slightly metallic touch in the Pro 400’s general midrange-centric approach, which reproduces bright sound. Each sound and beat is clearly separated with an enhanced texture. The Pro 400 provides a very well-defined bass response that is precisely suitable for any genre. It also offers a superior passive noise isolation that is made possible by the Pro 400’s tightly-clasped ear pads. It has a perfect approach to treble and bass, no matter what type of music you are listening to. On top of that The Yamaha Pro 400 has such an amazing passing noise isolation feature, that you’ll be able to enjoy your music even in the din and bustle of your daily routine life. While the shrill outside noises are reduced to a distant buzz, you get to have the superior sound of your favourite track, with all its details intact. The sound quality is really crisp and clear along with a jazzy metallic outlining. Conclusion Yamaha is a real winner in the world of the headsets. Apart from the flashy design the Pro 400 offers an amazing clarity and multi-dimensional sound experience. While the classy design makes it stand apart from others, its noise cancelling ability will provide you with a time alone with music. In few words the Yamaha Pro 400 is a super combination of style and performance.

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