The world’s cheapest tablet is ready for launch on India Jan 11

For all those who thought Indian governments $35 tablet is a mere thought. The dream $35 tablet is getting shape now. A couple of months back the cheap tablet from India which drew some attention is finally getting a release date. The Indian HRD ministry has finalised a launch date for the “Sakshat”, the name given to the tablet PC & that is January 11, 2011. The Sakshat Tablet will be manufactured by HCL technologies and will be priced for only $35. While confirmation regarding the $35 price tag is yet to be ascertained, there have been multiple occasions where Kapil Sibal, the Minister of Human Resource Development, has reaffirmed that it would be priced at $35 and that the price would only go lower in the future. Sakshat Indian tablet The key features of this India-based tablet include 2GB of RAM, web-conferencing, PDF reader unzip, WiFi, camera and USB connectivity. The Sakshat tablet will be available in an array of screen sizes. It will come out in 5?, 7? and 9? screen sizes. The Android based Sakshat is surprisingly feature packed for its price. Although its target audience would be university and college students, many people are already wondering about the possibility of such a device going into mass production. We think the Sakshat has the ability to bring computing to a whole new section of users who until now could only dream of going online or compute. With over 8,500 colleges from all parts of country already having expressed interest in getting themselves the Sakshat, looks like this has all the ingredients to become a rare Indian Government success story. Let’s see

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