The time tested Grado SR60i Headphones

In the headphone market, one of the greatest trends is continuous change that is the release of new models and the extinction of the older ones. From every headphone company you will not be able to find out a pair of headphones that are about five years old and still available. Grado-SR60i-Review-headphones Grado, on the other hand is one company that is the odd one out. It has been consistently producing its old tried and tested headphones though with some upgradation when needed. The Grado SR60i is one of the company’s oldest headphones that remained quite unchanged for nearly two decades. With so much of progress over such a long period of time, how on earth did the Grado SR60i survive in the market? That is exactly what we will try to find out. Design and features The Grado SR60i has not changed much though with some minor alterations. The earcaps are quite open that would make it audible and obviously with no noise isolation features as well. The headband and earpieces are sans leatherette cushioning, although the headband features a vinyl wrap for some comfort. The only comfort factor comes from the foam earpiece cushions, which do a good job. As a whole, the Grado SR60i does not have any major comfort issue though it looks so bare; it is easy and light on the ears owing to its simple, on-ear design. The only upgrades that the Grado SR60i got are the drivers and the cable’s wiring. The cable is thus now thicker and is quite more robust and durable than other headphones this cheap. By cheap, it is really still cheap, as it used to cost some $69 way back and now costs a meager $79. Fit and comfort The more expensive and new headphones may come with a load of padding and styling and yet a lot of them may not be actually comfortable. The exact opposite case goes for the Grado SR60i. It looks pretty simple and old school and yet most should not have any problem with its fit and comfort. Audio Performance If there is just one reason why this pair of headphones has won over the passing time and modernization without dwindling in its stature, it is its amazing sound quality. The Grado SR60i’s highlight is its complete openness of sound, no matter what type of music you listen to. It has great soundscape along with a super smooth tonal balance. And of course it also comes with crisp and clear clarity and slightly warm bass. Grado SR60i has an amazing mid range detail. It reproduces all kinds of music in a beautiful way, be it the vocals of electronics. When bass is concerned, the Grado SR60i has the warmest and best-defined bass that you can ever expect from any of the headphones in its own price range, and it also has superb open trebles. Conclusion At just $79, there is no way you can ever find a better pair of headphones than the Grado SR60i.

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