The Return Of The Prodigal Google Maps To iOS

After being exiled for a month from Apple’s iOS, Google Maps has taken a stand-alone stance and has returned to the mobile world once again with a bang. google maps app Google Maps app, the official one, has now returned to Apple’s App Store. It is to be noted that the new app is coming free of cost and has turn-by turn navigation, similar to its counterpart. It also has public transit directions, 3D-like Google Earth view and integrated Street View. However, the app vanished as quickly as it appeared from the App Store, bringing complaints from users of iOS that they were not able to buy, but received texts informing that the item they tried to purchase was not available. Early reviews of it is positive. The application features a pretty interface with lighter look and feel. One of the early users remarked the app got more information, related to listing of places like hotels, motels, malls etc. Google offered the map function to iOS devices after the release of iOS 6 this autumn, when it was substituted for Apple’s indigenous mapping solution. The maps are full of errors with embarrassing mistakes, prompting Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, apologizing on the issue. Apple, however, back-tracked on the claims, stating that the app was the most powerful mapping service ever introduced in the market. The firing of iOS software chief Scott Forstall was suspected to have been linked to Cook’s apology and Forstall’s declination to endorse it. Richard Williamson, ex-incharge of the company’s maps software for iOS, also met the same fate.

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