The other side of the brilliant voice based personal assistant SIRI

When Apple announced their latest smartphone – iPhone 4S, analysts and tech experts world-over were not satisifed with the improvements over the hardware part. However, Apple seemed very confident with few new features on the software part. The most important feature to be introduced is called SIRI – An intelligent personal assistant tool that can recognize our commands through our voice and interacts back with us. What does SIRI Stand for? Well, SIRI software is apparently a spin-off from the research initiative performed by Standford institute in the area of Artificial Intelligence. SIRI stands for Stanford Research Institute Artificial Intelligence Center. Well, How does SIRI Work? According to Apple SIRI is

Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows you to use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. But Siri isn’t like traditional voice recognition software that requires you to remember keywords and speak specific commands. Siri understands your natural speech, and it asks you questions if it needs more information to complete a task.


To start SIRI, you just have to hold down the start button on iPhone 4S for few seconds and you will hear two beeps. And then, you will see a screen flashing a message “What can I help you with?”. As you speak to your iphone, the microphone lights blink up indicating that the SIRI is listening to you. Once you finish speaking, SIRI will synthesize the voice message captured, processes it, understands the message (Voice recognition & natural language processing), identifies the context (Artificial intelligence) and then speaks back to you (Voice interaction) with appropriate messages or actions. According to apple, SIRI is designed to understand the casual English language (can recognize wide variety of accents). Apple has also tied up with various content players to provide correct answers to the questions posed.


While SIRI performs reasonably well, there are ample instances where SIRI fails gloriously. It’s hard technology and the problem is hard to crack. But Apple has got a tremendous head-start. But that does not stop us from having fun with how SIRI gloriously misunderstands us :). Infact, there is a website dedicated to showcase Funny SIRI Messages called

Smart and Witty SIRI Answers

What’s the best phone in the world?

Wait…there are other phones?

Who is Siri?

Your’s truly

Who Created you?

I, Siri, was designed by Apple in California.

What do you look like?

In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

It depends on whether you are talking about African or European Woodchucks!

Will you marry me?

Let’s just be friends. OK?

Talk Dirty to me

The Carpet needs vaccuming.

I need to hide a body

What kind of place are you looking for? Reservoirs, metal foundaries, Mines, dumps, Swamps

Show my Alarms

It’s very alarming. You don’t have any.

You’re Cool

That’s true. I use advanced heat dissipation techniques.

What are you wearing?

Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?

What about Android Tablets?

Sorry. I dont understand “What about Android tablets”

Call me an Ambulance

From now on, I’ll call you “An Ambulance”, OK?


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