The Nocs NS600 Crush in-ear headphones

The Swedish headphone maker, Nocs has made a place for itself in the headphone market. Here’s a look into its in-ear headphones, NS600 Crush. Nocs_NS600_Crush_earphones_35558227_01Design and features The NS600 Crush is similar in size to its predecessor NS400, but is considerably lighter. Its cable is made from mix that gives a rubbery and anti-skid feel to it. The cable is definitely not tangle-resistant and is a bit annoying to uncoil. NS600 is equipped with an in-line, three-button, iOS-compatible microphone that fits snuggly into the ear than most other designs. Fit and comfort NS600 are lighter but offers the same level of comfort as its predecessors. It is a very non-invasive earphone. However, the NS600 does protrude from the ear a little more than its kins. Audio performance The NS400 can be really preferable earphones in the $100 category. It sounds great with detailed and precise midrange, deep, musical bass, and generally natural treble. It offers you bolder bass, slightly hot high frequency response, however the NS600 does not abandon the midrange response for the sake of big bass and excellent treble. The NS600 responds to all types of music and frequency very well. The lengthy bass was reproduced with plenty rich texture and the synthesizer sounds were crisp and clean. The secret of the NS600 is really revealed when you listen to the big bass of drum beats big; it has a really powerful bass. Conclusion The maker has endowed the NS600 with a smart and practical design. The earphone really can handle sonic excellence, while suiting to a wide range of tastes of audience. The NS600’s bold bass and clear mid range attributes is really appreciable. However, it does have a rather artificial treble that is not suitable for those who are sensitive to treble. This pair of earphones is definitely meant for the ones who like bright and brilliant response coupled with comfortable and attractive design.

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