The new Moto G review in pictures

“A visual walk-through of the second-gen Moto G’s capabilities and performance”

Just a couple of weeks ago, Motorola showcased its next-gen product lineup in the form of the new Moto G, Moto X and the attractive Moto 360 smartwatch (first impressions). While the new Moto X (first impressions) seems like a spritual successor of its predecessor boasting truly top-of-the-line specs, the second-gen Moto G (first impressions) doesn’t come across as a real upgrade, at least on paper. We’re going to find out what exactly does the new Moto G offer and how is it different from its predecessor. If you have a few questions about the handset, then you can take a look at its FAQs, while its camera review will end your doubts about its shooter’s prowess. Of course, if you want to make up your minds whether the new Moto G is a good buy or not, then our full review could be worth waiting for.

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