The Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth Wireless Headset

If you have a fetish for a pair of wireless headphones, then new Motorola S11-FLEX HD wireless headphones might be the choice for you. These headphones won’t slip off like the other, as while they wrap around the back of your head, its ear buds wrap around your ears. dyn The Motorola S11-FLEX HD has a bendable outer band, adjustable inner band, and telescoping and rotating ear pieces that make the headphones really adjustable. It comes with a special moisture-repelling mesh that keeps sweat out. It has the capability to stream music to up to 150 feet from your smartphone or music player, so that you can listen to your music without tagging along your phone all the time. The S11-FLEX HD has customizable equalizer settings and a multi-function button that gives ease of choosing settings. The Motorola S11-Flex HD is a pair of very sturdy stereo Bluetooth earphone. However on its down side it has its high price, fussy dual-headband design, and its bulk. Design-wise Motorola S11-Flex HD has a sporty look, with white, black, and silver running throughout, and a little orange metal-look accents around the ear buds and one of the buttons. On its left, it features a power button and on the bottom edge a volume rocker, and on the top a covered micro USB charger. On its right it has an orange multifunction button. Its workable and sturdy for a gym workout or a jog, however the headset is difficult to fit in your pocket. Pairing S11-Flex HD is simple enough. Hold the power button down until the voice prompt-based interface informs that it is in pairing mode. It pairs with any device pretty quickly. It has an overall good sound quality. Vocals sound crisp and clear. It has four equalizer modes, to customize the sound to your preference, though it sounds really good even with the equalizer disabled. The dual-mic design helps in noise suppression during calls. Though the call quality was below average, calls sounded quite clear in the earpiece, but a little muffled in the microphone. The noise cancelling system wasn’t effective enough in practice as background noise does filter in, in a modified way. Apart from the main features, the S11-Flex HD also supports multipoint, to pair two devices simultaneously with it and taking calls between them. However, this works for calls and not music. The company boasts of getting a full hour’s equivalent battery charge out of just five minutes. The battery really lasts a massive well over 7 hours of music playback on a single charge. The S11-Flex HD also has an impressive range of up to 150 feet from the device it’s paired to. Though Motorola range claims won’t be totally effective, you can still expect a real good range of 50 to 60 feet after which obstructions matter. The Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth earphones are also nicely comfortable. Apart from a good sound quality, good range, customization options and comfort, the S11-Flex HD also comes with good looks. If you can overlook its flaws and afford its price, then it can be your next pair of headphones.

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