The Most vivid Leak of Google Nexus Prime so far

Every year two smartphones are eagerly awaited for across the globe. One is Apple iPhone and the other is the smartphone released by Google. Two days ago, Apple unveiled to the world their next generation smartphone called iPhone 4S. Google would be showing off their smartphone on October 11th 2011. The rumours are thick and prime that the next google phone is going to be Samsung Nexus Prime. And just then, a Romanian portal called Mobilissimo published the pictures of leaked Nexus Prime (I9250). Not much details about the hardware are available yet. But it is pretty much clear that Google nexus prime is going to be powered by Android icecream sandwich (no brainer!). The battery capacity would be 1750 mAh, a 5 mega pixels camera would be used. The back cover looks similar to the one used in Samsung Galaxy S II. And yes, there are no physical buttons such as search, homescreen, back etc., All the buttons and actions are driven through the touchscreen interface!


Pictures of Google (Samsung) Nexus Prime

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