The Mobile Industry in 2013 – A Bird’s eye view Timeline

It’s 2014 already and it seems 2013 just went by in a flash – normally a clichéd statement to make but not so much when referring to technology. The world of tech changes faster than you can utter the greeting ‘happy new year’, and the year gone by witnessed its share of innovations, noteworthy launches and other industry happenings that grabbed headlines. It’s easy to say that 2013 was possibly one of the most landmark years in the world of personal technology, but that’s something that holds true for pretty much every year. On the other hand, a lot of stuff we considered futuristic just a few years ago is finally happening – convergence, digital homes, 3D printing, et al. As far as 2013 is concerned, it’d possibly go down as the year that saw 4K and smartwatches going mainstream, right along with curved displays for smartphones. It also witnessed industry-changing news from the likes of Nokia and BlackBerry, just as when Apple and Google crossed major landmarks on their app ecosystems. Smartphones trumped features phones in sales for the very first time, indicating usage patterns and signifying that the world is, well… going smart. Here’s a bird’s-eye view of the mobile industry in 2013 and the key milestones it saw, presented as an easy-to-digest timeline. More than a chronological list of important launches and other happenings, do note that quite a few events actually showcase upcoming trends and pave the way for the future. Curved mobile displays, wearable technology, use of biometrics and motion co-processors in smartphones – it’s all going to move to the next level in 2014, and we’ll be there capturing every bit of it so we can wrap it up in a nutshell and come up with a new timeline next year. And in case you’re wondering what happened to flying cars, all we can say is: watch this space!

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