The first day of MWC 2013 witnessed a great many new devices

25th of February was the first day of the event packed Mobile World Congress 2013. Though the event commenced on 24th, the real business started taking place from Monday onwards. The event at Barcelona played a host to a series of a great deal of announcements, news and showcases from the globally big names in the mobile device market. Mobile World Congress 2013 The first day of the Mobile World Congress 2013 witnessed everything ranging from smart-watches to streaming video solutions for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and slates. Asus’s MWC announcements also included the PadFone a Infinity and the Fone Pad. While the PadFone Infinity is a phone that uses a docking station to transform itself into a working tablet, the Fone Pad is a rather huge smartphone. While the PadFone is not expected to arrive to the US market any time soon the Fone Pad will hit the market from March 2013. Apart from the above two phones there was a lot more news from the mobile world on Monday, few of which includes the Grand Memo smartphone with a humongous screen from ZTE. Moreover, there is the LG Optimus Pro smartphone that really looks promising and is worth waiting for. On the other hand, Sony has announced that the Xperia Tablet Z will hit the markets by the second quarter of this year, while there are also a couple of announcements from the automotive sector that featured General Motors and AT&T pairing up to come up with 4G LTE connections as well as a Ford-Spotify partnership. It is good to mention at this point of time that the news and announcements that are mentioned above are just a few things that happened on Monday at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2013. Obviously, in the rest of the three days of the international platform would show a great many other things that will hold the interest of all the technology enthusiasts. The MWC 2013 is going to introduce a massive burst of new products.

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