The Dark Knight Rises game comes to iOS, Android

The Dark Knight Rises is one of the rarest movies to have such hype. The movie was released today across all theatres in the country and abreast to it it has also hit the iOS and Android phones. Yes, the movie has also been released as a game on these two OS platforms. dark-knight-rises-game The Dark Knight Rises game features random events and multiple missions in which players will be dealing with hostage situations, car chases, jailbreaks and many more different moves and cinematic effects. The popular characters such as Lucius Fox, Catwoman and Commissioner Gordon of the movie are included in the game. Players can be able to explore hidden items of the city in the game to unlock upgrades with some of the new fighting skills for the Dark Knight. A reliable tech site writes The Dark Knight Rises on mobile and tablet got top notch graphics. The game is available for download from App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and for Android mobiles and tablets it is available on the Google Play Store. Below are the download links: The Dark Knight Rises on Google Play Store The Dark Knight Rises on Apple Store Do share your experience with your fellow readers if you have played The Dark Knight Rises on your mobile phone or tablet PC in the below given comment box.

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