The cool history of Nokia

Though the mobile industry have been bombarded with thousands of manufacturers, but Nokia still holds to be the largest mobile manufacturer till date. The mobile pundits clearly expects a huge comeback of the Finnish mobile giant with the launch of Nokia N8, which is also assumed to be the iPhone killer. Well, thats a different story altogether. Today we will take you through the interesting history of Nokia. Don’t worry, History is not always boring & I will not take long. History of Nokia:

  • The company started in 1865 as a paper mill in southern Finland. However, the name “Nokia” was derived from the banks of “Nokianvirta river” where the second mill was built a few years later.
  • Nokia then entered into rubber & paper works. In 1979, it merged with Finnish television maker “Salora” to form a radio telephone company “Mobira Oy”
  • In 1984 Nokia launched first portable phone which was usually installed in cars. It introduced the first handheld device in 1987 & the first GSM mobile in 1991. On July 1, 1991, Finnish Prime Minister Harri Holkeri made the world’s first GSM call, using Nokia equipment.
  • In 1992 Nokia’s first GSM phone was launched to public. The model was named “Nokia 1011” based on the date of launch. i.e. 10th of November.
  • In 1994, the first satellite call was made using Nokia GSM handset and by 1998 Nokia became a world leader in mobile phone.
  • Nokia also has the credit to take the internet on mobile. In 1999 it launched the first WAP enabled handset, “Nokia 7110”.
  • In 2002, Nokia launched its first 3G phone followed by N-gage in 2003 & N-series in 2005. Year 2005 is remarkable as the company sold its billionth phone in this year.
  • Today Nokia also take the throne of world’s largest Digital Camera seller as the sell of camera equipped mobiles have crossed the sale of independent digital camera.
We can’t predict about the future performance of Nokia but one thing is for sure, Nokia has a remarkable share in the origin & growth of overall mobile industry & they must be proud for it.
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