The Beyerdynamic MMX 101 iE earphones

Beyerdynamic has a respectable position in the headphone and microphone market with an experience of over 85 years. Its Custom Pro range of headphones is really remarkable in quality and performance and Beyerdynamic does have a favorable reputation in the market. Let us have a look at the latest offering from Beyerdynamic in the form of the in-ear headset, the MMX 101 iE. Beyerdynamic_MMX_101_iEDesign and features The MMX 101 iE is an agile set of earphones with a simple and practical styling. However, the elbow-shaped 3.5mm jack seems to be slightly ill-designed. The earpieces are nicely designed with a trendy bead-like design in charcoal grey. The earphones come with 13mm dynamic drivers that are extended from the band in black plastic that is further coupled with silicone ear tips. Apart from the nice accessories, the MMX 101 iE also comes with a clip that is attached to its cable, and an included single-button inline microphone. While the included microphone is really good, its positioning right below the left earpiece is little uncomfortable to access. Fit and comfort When comfort level is concerned, the MMX 101 iE can be termed as adequately comfortable. The included standard ear tips that are attached on the earpieces provide good fit and don’t have a problem of coming out of the ears often. Audio performance The MMX 101 iE can be paired with any mobile device for the purpose of playing nice quality music. When audio quality is concerned, the MMX 101 iE have really soothing sound quality and balance with its highlights being detailed clarity of music ad well as a well-separated stereo image. The MMX 101 iE also offers a good quality warm bass but it does possess some flaws as well that are mainly related to its midrange. This pair of earphones can really brighten up your choice of music with is warm and clear tone, which can enliven any genre of music. The vocals are done pretty well justice and the instruments sound all separated with their individual magic intact. The MMX 101 iE also has a strong hold on the bass frequencies, particularly in the 100-500 Hz range that is powerful and well-defined. The weakness of MMX 101 iE lay in the midrange, which does not have much power and lends a meek metallic sheen to the music. The best part of the MMX 101 iE’s however lies in its superior handling of treble with a lucid accuracy. Conclusion Although the Beyerdynamic website lists the price of MMX 101 iE at $125 which is a bit high, you can be nicely surprised to be able to find these headphones available for around $70 online. Thus, at the price point of $70 the MMX 101 iE can be an unbeatable pair of earphones that give superior treble, crisp and clear sound quality and a very well balanced and groovy bass. It is a complete mix of nice style, great comfort and superior audio performance all bunched up in an affordable package.

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