The Best Phones of MWC 2013

The Mobile World Congress 2013 that is being conducted in Barcelona is bringing a whole whale of powerful and interesting new phones, as it always has been doing. HTC unveiled its flagship handset just a week ago in New York City. HTC introduced its One a beautiful quad-core, aluminum-bodied slab that runs on the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This particular phone increased the glamour of the show even before it started. HTC-One_Silver_Multiple-580-75 Then again LG has announced that it is purchasing the woe stricken WebOS platform from HP. Also the company plans to install the OS on its smart TVs. On the other hand, Mozilla has introduced the Firefox OS, which is a new mobile platform targeted at the next two billion Internet users in emerging markets. The OS isn’t over done yet as the ZTE Fire which was on showcase would not function well and would get easily crashed, clearly shows that the phone needed some good work to be done on it. Then again, the other Firefox OS-powered phone, the Alcatel One was something that is more in a workable mode, though both of them are low-end, 3.5-inch touch-screen slabs that are not very impressive. On the other hand, the Firefox OS itself is much more interesting. It’s Android from the Home screen looks, but at the heart Web page functionality makes it very easy for the developers to write “apps,” that are really either Web pages themselves, or cached portions of websites. Mozilla is flaunting the openness of the OS, but the expected fear is that being heavily customized this also may lock down as Android. The Mobile World Congress 2013 is also splashed all across by phone hardware, and it was a 100 percent Android show. Apart from the Android phones there were also few new Windows Phones on the floor, such as the midrange Nokia Lumia 520 and 720. Obviously the Mobile World Congress is a platform for the appearance of an ocean of new phones.

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