Ten Most Advanced Mobile Apps for Women Safety in India

With India witnessing the increase in crime level to an alarming rate, it is essential to have a portable medium on safety through mobile apps. Despite the roaring protests over the Delhi rape and many other cases it is still unsafe for women to wander the streets alone. The IT industry has invented apps which aid in providing adequate security. Women-safety-mobile-apps-300x177 Starting from the bottom the top ten security apps are No 10. FightBack-  FightBack, is an app developed by Mahindra group after the Delhi rape case. This app uses essential tools of GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and even Facebook in case a women witnessing an adverse incident, she can inform friends on Facebook. The app functions by locating that particular area on Google Maps which later sends SOS emergency text messages to close friends and relatives. No 9. Guardly- This app functions by placing phone calls and other contact lists along with the users name. This app has the Stroke or Walking Home Alone tab to locate various places in the event of emergencies. The mobiles with this app are  iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 phones. No 8. On Watch- This is an app mainly targeted to college students which enables one to alert friends or relatives with emergency tabs like 911 to alert police during unfortunate situations. No 7. Life360 Family Locator- This is an extraordinary app which functions by signalling if any friend or relatives is in trouble. It delivers information about the criminal, neighbourhood. This is a free app used in iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones. No 6. Sentinel- This is a brilliant app for security during the event of eve teasing where the users can press a button when they are staked or under attack from strangers. It signals out instant alerts to let friends, family or police to locate the criminal and protect them. Besides the above stated useful and excellent apps, the other are Street Safe, Circle of 6, bsafe, cab4me, and Hollaback. This security app is an impeccable discovery by the IT industry to provide adequate security to women who are constant targets for rapes, theft and murders

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