Temple Run Hits 100 Million Download Mark

This year’s one of the most famous game on Android & iOS devices is Temple Run by Imangi Studios. Now this endless runner game has reached to 100 Million downloads on iOS & Android platform. Imangi Studios is really happy for Temple Run’s popularity and celebrating with players around the world by providing its all games free for a short time. If you don’t know about Temple Run then we would like to say that you just missed to play one of the most amazing games ever in endless runner category.

Temple Run 100 Million

Temple Run completed 1 year on iOS and Android platform just a few days ago. Its download on iTune Store reached 68 Million and Google Play Store reached 32 Million. Cofounder of Imangi Studios Keith Shepherd said that, “ We never thought Temple Run will be a huge hit among smart device users”. It is one of the most addictive games for iOS & Android devices because of its game play. Basically in this game you have to run as long as you can to escape with a stolen idol. There are different powers in the game are featured for extra fun and scoring. In June Imangi Studios produced ‘Temple Run – Brave’ with Disney Pixer which is based on an animated Disney Movie Brave. This game reached on top 10 games position in a short time. 10 Billion Sessions of this game are played after its release and that’s total 54 years of gaming. There are some changes are also there in the game for better enjoyment. If you didn’t played it yet than you should totally check out the download link below and get it on your device. Temple Run –  iOS Devices ||    Android Devices
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