Telephonic Information Service Exclusively For Travellers!

Travelspice has launched a first-of-its-kind citizen service, called ‘On the trail with Budget Subramanyam and Traveka’. This is a community driven travel planning service which can be availed as a toll-free telephonic information service. Travellers can seek information on travel advice, destinations, local weather, news, hotels, smartest commuting choices, local guides, reviews, hang out and must visit spots, deals & offers, tourist guidelines in tourist destinations amongst other information for planning travel. Ramu Kallepalli, CEO of, said, “By 2014, we want to help 10 million Indians visit a new place in India. We now have one of the strongest multidisciplinary competencies to make this happen. We are now well positioned and looking forward to launch ideas and initiatives which can fuel passions, aspirations and needs of the ambitious travelling middle class. The ‘on the trail with Budget Subramanyam & Traveka’ is a major step towards that so that we can re-kindle their travelling passions.” International tourists can avail this service toll free at 1866 654 7209. Domestic tourists can call 1800 425 8747. This service is initially open from 8.30 am-8.30pm from Monday-Saturday.

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