TechGyaan: Tips and Tricks to learn the uncommons

Below are a random compilation of tricks and tips that you mobile users can get comfortable with to get more out of your phone and to get all that the manufacturer intended for you. These tips and tricks go beyond the commonly known ones, so take a look. How to switch to silent mode (Blackberry 10)

  1. For users of Blackberry 10, if you want a shortcut method and an extremely quick way to turn on silent mode instead of through the main menu, simply swipe down from the top and tap on the Notification icon, and you’ll instantly get your silent mode activated.
mobile phone thermal effect Most people scarcely follow safety tips that are often advocated. Print and electronic media has covered many accidents sometimes even involving fatalities. There are numerous articles on how radiation from the mobile phone affects the human body, and this is a fact. So, make sure you have your phone switched off in the night, or at least keep it away from your head with a minimum distance of 6 feet. Radiation is a real problem which slowly causes adverse effects. Health experts and physicians have been harping about the need to lower time spent on the phone and there is a lot of truth behind that, so curtail the time spent using your phone without handsfree for calls.
  1. If you want to create a shortcut on your homescreen for easy access to commonly used web pages, then simply go to the browser bookmarks, next long press on the site you want to have a shortcut of, and select add shortcut to home from the options that popup.
  2. If you want to install apps fund beyond the Android market, go to your settings and in Security options, choose Unknown Sources. This is called sideloading. Enjoy, but be wary.
  3. For those who are unaware, there are three different ways to take screenshots using your smartphone running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
The first way is to press the power button and volume down (lower volume) key at the same time. The next way is to hold down the power button and home button simultaneously. The third way is to access the power menu and select the screenshot option (for those lacking dexterity). Does it often happen that in taking added care to protect our devices by changing the lock pattern several times, you forget your newest password? Well, in case you do forget the unlock pattern on your phone, fret not. Once you have struggled five times to unlock it, you will get a button that displays ‘Forgot pattern’. Press this button and you will be asked to enter your Gmail username/password. After you do this the phone will ask you to enter in a new unlock pattern. For those without a Gmail account, will have to go through the more elaborate process of calling the carrier. Once this is done, get a Gmail account!
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