TechGyaan: Tips and Tricks for your Windows and Apple Devices

Want to add additional keyboard layouts on your Windows phone, well you can do this for different languages through your settings option. From there go to Keyboard and then you will find a language selection button located besides the space bar, when you are using the keypad. hm_devices_eform_software

  1. To access your scientific calculator for more profound calculations, where the simple calculator won’t do, run the calculator app, rotate the phone to the landscape mode and you will magically discover your limited use calculator transforming for your advanced needs.
  2. An easy shortcut to silence that untimely call, is to simply press the volume key then the phone is ringing, and your call alert will go mum.
  3. If your big on phone use, and want a longer lasting battery, minimize using location services. Just deactivate these and notice longer battery life. Maps and other area indicators will consume battery power more than you realise it. So turn these on only when needed, after all what is the point of finding your way when you cant call to inform you got there.
  4. To utilize common most popularly and commonly used punctuation marks, which are sometimes split over to the next page of punctuation options, you can simply tap and hold the period key, and you will find a few of the most often used punctuation points.
  5. Want to transfer contacts smoothly and easily from your old phone to your new phone? Well, if your old phone has Bluetooth, we are hoping it isn’t that old, then get your contacts transferred onto the phone memory first, and then turn on the Bluetooth. After this, go to the start screen on your new phone, swipe left to the apps menu,  and select Contacts Transfer. Then press continue and switch Bluetooth on. find and select your old phone from the devices found list, and then follow instructions displayed on the phones.
Now we bring you a roundup of iPhone tips and tricks. To save the battery life on your iPhone, is to turn it off and then turn it on from time to time. Trust us, this also helps to speeden your phone up, and personally, you do not want to overburden your phone by overloading it with processes running in the background. Another tip to save battery is to turn off unwanted apps. Applications from the App Store use Apple Push Notification service to alert you of any new data. Some apps which overly rely on push notifications like instant messaging apps, seriously take up a lot of your battery life. To disable these push notifications proceed to settings, and then to notifications, after this, disable the notifications for the apps you do not really require notifications from. Push mail is another thing that eats your battery power up. Push mail refers to mail accounts like Yahoo! or Microsoft Exchange. Turn off push mail, especially when you do not need it like when you are working on your tablet, or PC. To do this go to Settings , then Mail, then Contacts and then Calendars. Click for ‘Fetch New Data’ and set Push to Off.
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