TechGyaan: Quick Tips and Tricks on Mobile Functionality

With the increase in the number of phones hitting the market most people are only aware of the basic features, tricks and tips available on their devices. To be terser, it is only surface knowledge. Like in terms of phone knowledge such the resolution, screen dimension and apps. It is very rare to browse through an article on tips and tricks of phones for preserving power and digging into the tit-bits on how to get more from your device. windows phone 8 Let us evaluate the interesting aspects in mobile technology and functionality. How to take a screenshot on Windows 8 phone? To take a screenshot, you can maneuver to the particular image you want to shoot, and then press the lock/power and home button at one shot. If you have followed this procedure to the hilt, you can hear the snap sound and the image will appear into the digital ether. To locate the image, go to photos and then albums and you will locate a ‘screenshots’ sub-folder. How to click without disturbing the image (iOS) Capturing images with iPhone might not be all that simple, if you have not positioned the phone properly, there is a possibility of the phone tilting. To prevent this from happening, attach the headphones to the phone and place the phone in a particular position on a smooth surface to shoot and then click the headphone button. Update the latest software to preserve battery: Always upgrade your phone constantly with the latest software, that has higher capabilities to preserve battery. The updates is most likely to contain power save features that can preserve power effectively. It is important to be in sync with latest software. blackberry 10 homescreenHow to take screenshot on BlackBerry 10 First you have the locate the screen where you want to take the screenshot, when you have the desired screen, press the Volume Up and Volume Down keys which is on the right of the device at the same time, you will then hear an instant camera click and the screenshot will be saved in the camera folder, and you can view the image in Pictures app or File Manager. Easier Method to mute your phone Samsung Galaxy 3 has designed a phone where you can search for the mute button in a jiffy by just turning you phone on locating the button on the rear. You can even pause music with the same method. samsung galaxy y homescreenShortcut to return to the top of Andriod OS phone Galaxy 3 has introduced a mind blowing method to return to the top of the phone, instead of the primitive method of scrolling up, just double click the top of the phone and to your amazement find the home page. Shortcut to make a call You just have to shake your phone to access the dial pad. To open browser, all you have to do is just press the zero key. The shortcuts and methods to preserve battery as mentioned, by Galaxy 3 showcases the constant up gradation required with the rapid increase in professional pace. The shortcuts will create a whole new era in the mobile tech world.

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