TechGyaan: Learn How to create the Zoom Blur Effect

There is a lot you can do with your camera,  on your own, using its hardware alone. Apart from that, its software provides you with a range of effects using which you can extend and flex your artistic capabilities beyond just a bend to a full circle. radial-blur1 Despite all this, the time may come when you run out of tricks and features, in taking a picture in a scenic place. Here is a trick that you will never get tired of, and the effect of which can be perceived in several ways. You can also make photographs falling into separate genres using this single technique. This effect can be simply referred to as the blur zoom effect, and is essentially what you get when you zoom in and hold down the shutter release button at the exact same time. Sounds simple, well lets break it down for you. The first step is to control the amount of zoom, so you can generate different types of pictures. At times you will have to control the amount of zoom since too much will overpower the technique and the effect wont materialize. The best way to settle on the appropriate zoom length for you is to do a few test shots.  The next thing you got to manage is the light levels. This is one of the most important of factors to be taken into account for any trick of photography. Excessive lighting will result in an improper result since the effect of the zoom wont effectively take place. Too much light also overexposes the shot making the outcome too light to afford any kind of clarity let alone decent photographic quality. The best thing to do is to make the aperture as high  as F32 which decreases the hole in the camera lens in turn decreasing the amount of light entering the camera. Another way to go is to reduce the ISO to 100 since this decreases the reactivity of the sensor to light which takes care of the problem of over exposure. Another important factor to lookout for is keeping the camera still. Failure to do this will materially alter the outcome of the picture. In this situation a tripod could help so that you can keep your camera in place. Now all that’s left to do is to hold down your shutter release button and zoom at the same time to create your perfect zoom blur effect. This effect works well when applied for taking scary images and also of lush scenery.

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