TechGyaan: How to Install Whatsapp on WiFi only devices

When you are using your WiFi only app, and have tried to download Whatsapp through the website itself, or have run through numerous links which provide Whatsapp downloads, the annoying result is you get a message that apologizes for the fact that your device is not supported by Whatsapp.  To overcome this, we bring you a step by step method, that will let you get Whatsapp even on WiFi only devices and seemingly Whatsapp unfriendly ones. The first Step is to access the Google Android Marketplace application from your device’s application menu or simply through the Homescreen icon. Now run a search to check whether or not Whatsapp is supported by your device. Whatsapp Android Group Info Next, using your PC/Laptop, go to any APK store online, like for example for the latest and most up to date APK version of Whatsapp and then install this on your computer/laptop.  If downloading this APK file is possible directly onto the Android WiFi only device, then jump over to step 5. The third step is to connect your device to the Computer/laptop after downloading the APK file, and then find the Whatsapp APK file. Make a new and separate file for APKs on your Android device so that you can quickly locate and find this in future. Step four is to paste the downloaded APK file of Whatsapp messenger into that folder. Thereafter disconnect the device. Next you will have to access the file manager on your Android device and then locate the folder in which you pasted the APK’s file. After this, locate the Whatsapp messenger file and select it to begin installation. Step six is easy simply follow the splash screen, which will ask for permission to allow access to install the application onto the device. Press Install to move further. The next screen will indicate when the installation completes successfully. For incomplete installation, repeat this process. If you are unsuccessful numerous times, download the file once again or find an older version. This may be more compatible for your device. After successful installation, press done and exit the installation process. For the seventh step you have to begin the setup of Whatsapp application on your device. To do this, locate the application from the application menu and  start begin the installation process beginning with acceptance of terms and conditions. Next, the screen will prompt you for your mobile number, as you may be familiar with. Simply add your number which is not already linked or being used on another device and press next. After the application confirms the number, press OK if you are ready to move further, in case you want to make changes, press Edit to do so. The next step involves the verification process of your device by the application, which happens through a text message to the saved mobile number. In that message you will receive the verification code which needs to be entered manually. After this the verification process will be complete and the next step will commence automatically. This takes roughly five minutes. After this you will have to enter your verification code on the next screen that will appear. Once you gave entered the code, the app will verify and enable the services onto your device. Now press Continue and go to the chats page and enjoy.

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