TechGyaan: Battery Saving Tips and Tricks

No matter how many hours our new devices promise us, we know better. What’s more is that these new devices have several new functions and features, which make us, run more processes which hog up the battery. The result being an annoying LED indicator constantly beaming directing us to charge it afresh, or the device shutting off into standby mode every few seconds. mobile-phone-battery-dead A lot of people do not practice battery saving techniques, however, they do go a long way to help you gain. Below are some of the methods that you could try to enable you to get longer working hours from your battery. When you know you are not going to use your phone for the next couple of hours, perhaps when you’re just getting you sleep or when you are at a movie, or out swimming, turn off your phone. Even when you have unlocking your phone constantly, you are eating into your battery time. Leaving your phone on in idle without locking it too, does that. So simply turn off your device. Hey, your alarm will still go off, and you can sleep in peace. Vibrator Mode: Another battery eating maniac is your vibrator mode, although very useful, the reverberations and buzzing it emits cause your battery power to reduce. Your ringtone itself takes up battery, imagine how much battery is used when the entire phone shakes to signal to you. When you intend to have your phone last you longer, turn off your vibrator option, or at least set it to one specific function, for instance, for calls only, or for messages only. Many people know this, but hardly heed. When you run numerous processes, or even just a few, like your Twitter app, or Facebook app, your battery gets consumed. Restarting your phone on and off, could help close down those apps completely, which may still be running processes silently in the background. By doing this, you can rest assured save battery. Did you know, that when you are in a zone where the signal is weak and you are practically getting little or no reception, it has a bad effect on your battery. Your phone works itself overtime trying to find signal. So at this point, the best way to go is to set it to flight mode, for a while, when you are aware that you won’t be regaining signal any time soon. Another factor to look out for is the running of unnecessary apps. You may have improperly closed your app, which will end up sucking your battery dry. Batteries heat up under direct sunlight, or under the power of a bright source of light. So, try to keep your phone away from the sun, and in a cooler place to avoid heating of your battery which in turn causes it to die faster. We oftentimes find ourselves leaving our phones in the slot above the dashboard in our cars, which receive constant sunlight. So make a conscious effort to save on your battery, and experience a decent amount of increase in its span.

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