Tech Newsreel- Samsung Numero Uno Manufacturer,, LG QHD Display, Lumia 625 and more

The tech world is constantly abuzz with happenings from launches to rumors, from research to surveys, so much so that it becomes difficult to keep track of them. With Newsreel, we nitpick the days tech news that matters to you. Let’s dive into today’s news which comprises of survey, LG’s innovation in display and start of sales of Nokia Lumia smartphones-

Samsung dethrones Nokia from leadership position

It was long time coming as the market is filled with Samsung devices right from basic entry-level phones to high-end smartphones. Latest annual survey from Telecom magazine Voice and Data suggests that hitherto leader Nokia is now in second position after Samsung. The distant third is managed by popular local manufacturer Micromax. Perhaps, more interesting factor is that Apple managed to get into this list which might be attributed to its buyback offers.

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It feels good to see big companies like Google coming forward for social causes. Now, its been given company by Facebook in association with partners such as Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, MediaTek, Qualcomm, etc. The partnership aims to make internet accessible to everyone as just one-third of world’s population have access to it currently. It will develop projects, share knowledge and mobilize industry and governments to help the cause.

LG demoes world’s first Quad High Definition display

If you think HD and Full HD display are the most advanced displays, then LG has surprise for you. LG has created a 5.5 inch AH-IPS LCD display with a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This results in whooping pixel density of 538 ppi. Current crop of smartphones haven’t breached the 500 ppi mark, with the highest density being 469 ppi in HTC One. The display panel also has very narrow bezel, effectively 12 % narrower then recently unveiled LG G2.

LG QHD Display

The company has only showcased the display, but there’s no word when we can see it on our mobile devices.

Google Helpouts: Knowledge sharing over video

Google has big plans for its chat platform Hangouts which includes creating a marketplace to buy and sell expertise over video chatting. Simply put, the service will allows experts to share their knowledge with people who want to learn. The experts can choose their expertise in various categories such as Home & Garden, Computers & Electronics, Health & Counseling, Nutrition & Fitness, Fashion & Beauty, Art & Music, Cooking, and Education.

Google Helpouts

Currently the service is invite-only and if you’re interested you can submit your email for Helpouts.

Nokia Lumia 625 goes for sale

After being put up online for pre-ordering with no details about final price, today ecommerce website listed Nokia’s mid-range smartphone Lumia 625 with a price tag of Rs. 19499. The smartphone boasts of largest display of 4.7 inch on Windows Phone device.Nokia Lumia 625

Going by the specifications, the device seems to be priced on higher side as similar priced Android devices offers better display, powerful configuration and superb camera.

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