Tata Docomo starts a no language barrier customer care initiative

image Recently Idea had launched TV advertisement called “Break the language barrier”. Now Tata Docomo has started a new customer care initiative where a subscriber can  talk to the customer care executive in his own language irrespective of the circle he is seeking service in. So if you are a Marathi, residing in Kolkata can easily talk to the customer care executive in Marathi if you have selected Marathi as a preferred language. Another good initiative from Tata Docomo is that if you need to talk to customer care executive directly than you don’t need to follow the lengthy IVR process. Just press 9 and you will be directly connected to Customer care executive. Well I take this as a wonderftul initiative as going through the entire IVR process is really annoying when your first preference is to talk directly with customer care executive. Really!!! What an Idea Sirjee. Yatish Mehrotra, Chief Operating Officer, Karnataka & Regional Head, Tata Docomo South, stated “Our system has been programmed to identify a mobile number with preferred language and accordingly the call gets diverted to a representative who speaks that language.” Just to highlight, Tata Docomo also gets the credit to be the first to introduce “Live chat” that allows a registered customer to chat live with an agent on the company’s website to get any issues resolved.
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