Talks between India and Pakistan for Allowing Mobile Roaming

indpakMobile users in India and Pakistan may be able to roam in each others nation very soon.  Both the countries are in talks to remove hurdles for allowing smooth mobile roaming service between India and Pakistan. According to the sources from the ministry of commerce, Telecom ministry has given the nod to this proposal but Home ministry is yet to give its clearance in the matter. Since 2004, roaming service has been banned between India and Pakistan. The ban was imposed due to the objections raised by the Indian security agencies that anti-social elements may misuse this facility. Practically, terrorism was the main concern for the Indian side for imposing ban. Now the technology has empowered the security agencies to better monitor the mobile users and the security agencies are able to track specific user if the user is on mobile network. Cellular Operators Association of India states that the proposal will not have any significant revenue guidelines for mobile operators as Roaming is used by the small percentage of the total subscriber base and there are not many people travelling between India and Pakistan to make much contribution to the revenue of mobile operators. A Government official said if roaming is allowed between two nations, we will have to install a mechanism to share subscriber information of both countries for security purpose. The main concern of the Indian security agencies is that if roaming is allowed, Pakistani elements can sneak mobile connections into Indian territory.
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