Tablift: An innovative iPad stand

tabliftThis innovative and elegant <a href=””> iPad</a> stand offers you an ultimate solution to use iPad on table, couch and bed. What makes tablift unique is that it does not require a flat surface of table top or desk to work upon, which most other iPad stands demands. Tablift offers you complete freedom and comfort to use Ipad while you are reclining, sitting or lying down. Lots of people have quoted tablift as a new companion of Ipad. Tablift comes with bendable legs and a holder which offers you different viewing angles to access your iPad. So, your iPad can easily be balanced on your lap or legs and you can enjoy watching your favorite videos and shows for hours lying on your bed. The bendable legs will make sure that your Ipad stand erect and stable on the cushiony surface of your couch or bed. Tablift has a pretty cool and nifty design and it will suit your needs. Tablift is an ambitious Kickstarter project. Currently, you can purchase this tablift at a base price of $60. It is expected that tablift will be out for distribution by the end of October. Tablift is easily portable as it can be folded with ease. Its radical appearance may look little compact to you but this is where its uniqueness counts. Tablift will offer you classic view of your iPad in both landscape and portrait position. No matter which generation iPad you own, tablift will work fine with each of them. So, move on with it and enjoy.
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