Tablet Wars – iPad, Galaxy Tab, OlivePad and Streak

The Tablet era has begun. Apple created this market space and ‘need’ through the launch of iPad. The nay-sayers and critics were initially suspicious about how iPad will fare in the market. But iPad has been a brilliant hit. But success breeds contempt! Competitors were quick to see the potential and began working on tablets. Samsung announced Galaxy Tab and touted it as iPad killer. Dell came up with it’s own 5″ beauty called Streak. Olive came up with OlivePad. The latter three are powered by Android and boasts a smaller screen size compared to iPad’s 10 inch…It is very tough to not buy a tablet once you have experienced it either on the retail showroom or through your friends circle. Now, which one should you buy? Rather, which one will suit you? There are various factors to consider. Economic Times today came up with a really nice piece comparing the 4 tablets. We thought it would be beneficial to our beloved users (just in case the article slipped your eyes). photo.cms Summary

“Grab Apple iPAD if you’re an Apple aficionado & want some functionality of a laptop combined with App Store’s unmatched offerings “Avoid Apple iPad if you want a truly all-in-one mobile device and you dont want to be restricted to iTunes, Apple and the App Store” “Grab Dell Streak if you are looking for a smarter smartphone & not another device to carry. The only tab that fits your pocket “Avoid Dell Streak if you intend to do extensive word processing or long hours of reading, for this is not a notebook substitute “Grab Olive Pad if you do not want to splurge as much on a tablet as on a notebook & still want the complete tablet experience “Avoid Olive Pad if you are looking for the latest and the best in applications, screen resolution and the overall user interface. “Grab Samsung Galaxy Tab if you want the ultimate all-in-one mobile device — smartphone, netbook & complete entertainment device “Avoid Galaxy Tab if you have budget constraints and would rather keep different devices for computing, telecom and multimedia
Read the complete comparison here iPad vs Streak vs Galaxy Tab vs Olivepad ipad-vs-streak-vs-olivepad-galaxytab ipad-vs-streak-vs-olivepad-galaxytab2 Samsung Galaxy Tab costs Rs. 38,000 Dell Streak costs Rs. 35,000 OlivePad costs Rs. 25,000 Apple iPad costs unknown
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