Symbian^3 is ready with 250 new features

Earlier on June 17th, The Symbian Foundation had officially announced the completion of Symbian^3, the latest version of Nokia’s Smartphone operating system. Now in a recent tweet Nokia has announced compilation of 250 new features. nokia tweet “The next stage before we actually get the phones involves tweaking and testing its settings to make sure it works optimally with the hardware on the forthcoming Nokia N8 and the family of Symbian^3 devices that will follow it” Nokia executive Ian writes. The first video demo for Symbian^3 OS was out back in earlier March but now we expect a lot of additions in its forthcoming release with Nokia N8. Lets have a look on few of the topline features: Turbo charged graphics: Incorporating hardware acceleration and faster software this Symbian OS has turbo charged the graphics features with a new graphics architecture. In non techy language, it will improve graphics quality as well as the user interface to become more quick and responsive. You can certainly expect an Apple type scrolling interface. Better HDMI Compatibility: Nothing new, but lets hope to be a better and improved HDMI compatibility which enables a device to direct output photos and videos to a high definition TV or screen. Multi touch: A swipe-scroll UI with multi touch feature, Sounds good. while it may provide more intuitive typing, zooming and selection also makes the device prone to Nokia’s old sickness of hanging of devices. Better multimedia: Which means incorporation of Dolby digital sound, home page widgets to control the song lists, a new fusion player to control both stored and streaming videos. Better multitasking: Symbian 3 includes ‘Alt+tab’ to switch between tasks and improved memory management to control more tasks at a time. Location based features: A service called ‘Here and Now’ will offer easy to use web services related to the user’s current location. This will also allow the development of advanced applications to provide relevant information. Developers friendly: It has now become a mantra for success of an OS. Symbian 3 comes with QT installed to provide a standard development environment for Symbian releases going forward. Also the Symbian Web runtime allows developers to create Web 2.0 style applications to interact with device’s core functions, such as the camera and address book. While some of the features like HDMI & multimedia sounds Symbian is promising these features 2 years back, features like graphics accelerators and developers integration really sounds great. lets wait for the Nokia N8, the only known forthcoming device with this OS, to hit the stores for the post release opinions. And finally don’t forget to have a look on this video preview.

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